How to connect to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter with a Delphi app

Delphi integration of popular social media networks.

Posted by: Alex A. Publish date: 15.01.2021

At Softacom, we strongly believe in Delphi as it is a modern tool for developing cutting-edge apps of various types intended for different platforms. Software built in Delphi can be enriched with numerous features that are highly demanded in today’s world. And one of the opportunities that are available for Delphi developers is the integration of popular social media networks, including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, to their apps.

Let’s suppose that you have an idea to integrate LinkedIn into your Delphi software? What is the best way to do it? We know the answer.


TMS FMX Cloud Pack: What does it offer?

TMS FMX Cloud Pack is a set of FireMonkey components that allows developers to integrate Delphi software with various external services including major social networks. All in all, there are over 20 components that cover the majority of the most popular cloud services. This set of components for cloud solutions and social networks API integration is now available for Embarcadero Delphi XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo and C++Builder XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio and 10.4 Sydney.

There are several options for commercial use of TMS FMX Cloud Pack. You can buy either a site license or a developer license. Both options presuppose having access to the entire source code. Before buying a license you can opt for the trial period.

For 1 year after paying for your license, you will get new releases and updates fully for free. If you take a decision to renew your license for the second year, you will have a 70% discount. Moreover, this set of components is also available in several bundles such as TMS FMX Component Studio and TMS ALL-ACCESS.

As TMS Cloud Pack provides components for getting access to the APIs of major social networks, developers can significantly save their time and efforts. The use of components helps to significantly reduce the number of code lines that should be written and the number of updates that are usually introduced manually.

The set under consideration supports the FMX framework. The architecture is based on the original FireMonkey classes. The TMS Cloud Pack for FMX is compatible with such platforms as macOS, iOS, Android and Windows. It’s important to note that the support of Windows is not available during the trial period and is provided in the registered version only. The support of Windows in the pack is ensured with the Delphi Chromium Embedded open source library.

You can find detailed instructions on how it is possible to integrate your software to the cloud using the TMS Cloud Pack in the video published on the Embarcadero Technologies YouTube channel or in the TMS FMX Cloud Pack Developers Guide.

If you are interested in the integration of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter in your existing Delphi software or you want to build a new app that will be connected with the major social networks, we are always at your disposal. Experts at Softacom will find the best way to ensure seamless Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook API integration and perfect functioning of all the features that will become a cool competitive advantage for your business. Just contact us and we will discuss what we can offer to you.

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