Development of hardware-software complex — an electronic queue


The electronic queue represents a hardware-software complex allowing to optimize management of a flow of visitors. Queue management system helps to distribute and optimize a flow of clients that significantly speeds up the work of maintenance staff and helps to avoid conflicts between visitors.

Avia - and railway cash desks; car showrooms and car services; banks and financial organizations; medical centers and pharmacies; tax and registration services; notary and lawyers ' offices; embassies and consulates; post offices; service centers; insurance companies; customs services (terminals); travel agencies and visa centers and etc.

The structure and features of the system:

  • Configurator of setup of workplaces, benefits and scheduling;
  • Communication settings configurator with the printer;
  • Voice alarm system;
  • Reporting system.


  • Appointment/adding services;
  • Voice call;
  • Video player;
  • Coupon printing;
  • Management from your mobile device.


  • For clients: Visitors are spared from tiresome waiting in a queue. Taking the coupon with the number of a queue, he can sit down and quietly expect a call system, reading or just a relaxing. The client doesn't need to learn and ask in what window to get in a queue – the system will send it to the right address. Whether it isn't necessary to get in a queue in several windows and to run to check it approached, the system according to the set algorithm will call the visitor with the same number of the coupon in different windows in the necessary sequence and at the same time, will never cause at the same time in two windows! If the client needs to sign up for the service in advance, there is a possibility of preliminary registration, both inside the organization and across the Internet. The client can assess the work of the operator using remote quality assessment, thereby controlling the quality of rendered services.
  • For administration: The system allows to plan most effectively work of staff, considering the number of visitors at office of the organization. The system provides scalability, due to which there is an opportunity to change the number of requests processed. If necessary the priority can be given to these or those services. The statistics which is accumulated and analyzed by system allows to evaluate load of staff and a labor productivity of staff of the organization. The panel of a quality assessment allows to evaluate overall performance of each individual operator.
  • For staff: The system allows to improve significantly working conditions, avoid stress and provide comfortable communication with clients, confidentiality of servicing. Operators always know how many clients and what services are awaiting their turn. If necessary, through system of administration, operators can always be informed quickly. The presence of remote quality assessment is an additional incentive to quality services.
  • Senior developer;
  • Middle developer;
  • Project manager
  • Software testing engineer;
Duration & Project Scope:
More than 2500 man-hours
Technologies & Environment:
Логотип Microsoft WPF Логотип SQL Server Логотип Windows Forms
Project Code: