Software for Europe language training center SOL

The purpose of the software is registration of client base, scheduling of students lessons, setting of teaching load, in order to increase the amount of lessons.

Kernel functionality of the software:

  • Registration of the customer base;
  • Monitoring of students attendance;
  • Attendance book;
  • Journal timetables;
  • Internal circulation of documents;
  • Generation of reports;
  • Monitoring of financial resources;
  • Formation of a notice of payment for students;
  • Automatic imposing a fine for nonpayment;
  • Project Manager working with own team of developers;
Duration & Project Scope:
More than 600 man-hours
Technologies & Environment:
Microsoft .NET logo Firebird DB logo Entity Framework.NET WinForms
Project Code:
No screenshots or links may be provided because of non-discuss agreement between our team and the customer.