The application for microfinancial and leasing organizations


The main goal of this application is complex implementation of business processes of microfinancial and leasing organizations. It allows automate a full workflow for issuance of microloans and leasing. The application also contains a CRM functionality.


  • Provides about 70 forms with documents, questionnaires and reports;
  • Big questionnaires with about 100 fields in each;
  • Automation service which provides synchronization with external services, creating and mailing notifications, controlling of debtors.
  • Integration with accounting software;
  • Custom template engine for generating documents in Open XML Formats as DOCX and XLSX;
  • Complex financial reports with more than 300 parameters in each;
  • Senior .NET developer;
  • 2 middle .NET developers;
  • Software testing engineer;
  • Project manager;
Duration & Project Scope:
More than 2 500 man-hours
Technologies & Environment:
Visual C# logo SQL Server logo
Project Code:
The application for microfinance and leasing organizations
The application for microfinance and leasing organizations