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    Site map
          Social network for insurance agents
          Car service management system
          Online auction system
          Developing different parts of the largest financial portal
          Financial SaaS solution for Сredit Scoring
          Large Ukrainian financial portal
          Information financial portal
          Process office software
          Data base of the sisters of charity of the international organization Red Cross
          International Internet portal for rental
          Educational Internet-portal
          Online CRM/ERP SaaS system
          Web-site of educational center of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
          Web-site for creative cosmetician
          Web-site for the cellular technologies center
          Web-site of clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology
          Business logic of print service PDF-files
          Content management system
          Web 2.0 advertising portal
          Online-print photo service
          Redesign of the web-site llc Gazavto of systems
          Web-site about air conditioning and ventilation systems
          Support services using chatbot - Jabberlead
          Developing web site for the Belsproshina company
          Web-site for elite night club Dozari
          Web-site for Mojito bar
          Solovei karaoke-hall web-site
          Professor Alexander Teplyashin web-site
          Highly specialized social network web 2.0
          Ministry of emergency situations of the Republic of Belarus
          System of notification of detected fires
          The system "Business direction: Logistics"
       Mobile applications
          Belorussian Currency and Stock Exchange mobile application
          Tax service business application
          Legendary find light mobile application
          Marketing mobile application
          Mobile application UltraBuzz
          Mobile application Emoji Me
          Electronic queue system
       Desktop Applications and System Software
          Access payment system
          Universal retail platform (B2B)
          Software for Europe language training center SQL
          Software for calculating the cost of an energy-efficient swimming pool
          Pharmacy POS-system (B2C)
          The application for microfinancial and leasing organizations
          GIS software (GPS)
          Desktop CRM system
          Bitcoin agent
          Monicon – real time equipment monitoring system
          Integrated security system software
          Integrated video surveillance system for a commercial bank
          Application for monitoring and managing water hygiene parameters in public swimming pools
          Access control system for schools
          Electronic queue
          Development of modules for the access control system
          Software for automation the formation of reports on the activities of a forex company
          Electronic tutorial "Mathematics. 10-11 classes. system of dynamic geometry"
          System of physical measurements
          Financial software for monitoring accounts receivables
          Designer of commercial proposals for the car dealer "Atlant-M"
          IRS reservation system
          High-level driver working with bar code scanners Metrologic
          Real-time equipment monitoring system (mini SCADA)
          High-level driver working with photo video devices on TWAIN interface
          Managing the product catalog on the web-site
          Modification of the software for the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture