Online auction system


Online auctions are popular in United States, especially, advertisement auctions. Our team was engaged to create an auction system where customers make bids on Radio and TV airtime on thousands stations in the whole US.


  • Responsive UI with the help of AngularJS. All necessary data dynamically loads from server via WebAPI. All entered data cause recalculating of subtotals and totals right-in-place in the UI;
  • Mailing subsystem for client, employee and station notification. It allows generate automatically thousands of PDF-documents and mail them as attachments;
  • The system allows automate the full process: creating client’s order -> approving of order -> communication with stations -> closing of the order -> generating necessary documents;
  • The system work with about 6 000 Radio and TV stations.
  • The typical client’s order may contain about 1 000 items with about 20 attributes in each;
  • HTML layout designer;
  • Senior front-end/backend developer;
  • Middle back-end developer;
  • Project manager;
Duration & Project Scope:
More than 500 man-hours
Technologies & Environment:
html5 logo Visual C# logo Web API Angular JS logo ASP.NET MVC logo SQL Server logo
Project Code:
No screenshots or links may be provided because of non-discuss agreement between our team and the customer.