Online CRM/ERP SaaS system


The purpose of the software is to create an instrument in order to manage a company, projects, business processes and custom relationships at different branches and for different organization structures of the company. System enables to distribute tasks among employees, to plan and manage projects, to keep in one place all necessary information about projects, employees, customers, etc.

Kernel functionality:

  • Provides information about work efficiency of each department;
  • Taking control of deals and projects;
  • Assigning tasks for employees and management of its fulfillment;
  • Scheduling of your own tasks and meetings with customers or without them;
  • Improving the quality of service, owing to the easy interaction between departments, through task assigning and monitoring their implementation;
  • Accounting documents;
  • Creation of a common information space to discuss issues using bulletin boards;
  • Senior developer;
  • Project Manager working with own team of developers;
Duration & Project Scope:
More than 400 man-hours
Technologies & Environment:
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Project Code:
Online CRM/ERP SaaS system