Development of modules for the access control system


Modern access control system is a large set of software modules that perform various functions, not only related to the admission of a particular person to a given room. Most of these modules are implemented at the software level, and expand the capabilities of the hardware access control system, while working with various peripheral equipment.

These modules include:

  • Subsystem of management of the staff of the enterprise (personnel, bureau of permanent passes);
  • Subsystem of management of visitors of the enterprise (constant and temporary passes for visitors);
  • Vehicle access control (contact, manual, automatic modes);
  • Implementation of a checkpoint for visitors and vehicles, with the ability to control visitors;
  • Subsystem of reports and records of employees' working hours, time sheets, etc .;
  • Work with biometric devices;
  • Manufacturing, printing of admissions and much more;

On this project, we have implemented all of the above modules and even more. We have applied the long-term experience in developing software for security systems to make software as convenient, practical and relevant to all current trends and functionalities as possible.

Modules for the access control system
Modules for the access control system
Modules for the access control system