Integrated security system software


Development of hardware-software complex for safeguarding of technical security of protected objects, including commercial banks, industrial plants, high-risk facilities, etc.

The purpose of the complex is to collect information from various equipment manufacturers (burglar alarms, access control system, CCTV system, life support systems, fire alarm), the processing of the information received, providing information on the status of equipment on a single operator's workplace, the ability to control the equipment according to operator's commands.

The structure of the complex:

  • Hardware driver (separate driver for your type of equipment) for survey and control of equipment;
  • The central server of the system (exchange of information with drivers, data processing, data logging into the database);
  • Workplace of attendant of the system (monitored in real-time control of equipment);
  • Security log viewer;
  • Senior Developer;
  • Project Manager working with own team of developers;
Duration & Project Scope:
More than 3000 man-hours
Technologies & Environment:
Логотип Delphi Логотип Firebird DB UART TCP/IP
Project Code: