Electronic queue system


The electronic queue is a flexible modular software platform that allows to implement various configurations of software and hardware components depending on the requirements of a particular customer.

It means that, depending on the logic of the work of a particular institution, it is possible to equip any number of workplaces for personnel, equip them with a remote control to call visitors, a scoreboard over the office / cash desk, install one or more terminals for issuing coupons, install a large scoreboard to display the queue and advertising information.

The system supports several out-of-the-box hardware options, but at the same time allows integration with new hardware by simple and fast development of the driver for the concrete device.

At the moment there is support for the following types of equipment:

  • the remote control. Implemented in two versions: an application for the Android OS and for OS Windows. There is also integration with two hardware solutions working on the RS-485 interface;
  • the terminal for issuing coupons is implemented as a web application and can be displayed on devices under control on any OS. The server part is implemented on the Microsoft .NET platform;
  • the scoreboard is above for the workplace. There are several implementations: a web application, an Android application, several hardware implementations for segment and pixel displays;
  • the main information display. Implemented as solutions for hardware segment and pixel displays, and Windows-based application;
  • receipt printer. Any model with a driver for Windows OS can be used;
  • the kernel of the system is implemented as an application for Windows
  • Senior developer;
  • Middle developer;
  • Project manager;
  • Software testing engineer;
Duration & Project Scope:
More than 3000 man-hours
Technologies & Environment:
Логотип Microsoft WPF Логотип SQL Server Логотип Windows Forms Logo of Delphi Logo of FireMonkey Cross-platform mobile application
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