Educational internet-portal


Online tutor for preparing students to pass the centralized testing on the main general subjects. This is a learning system, which includes interactive training and knowledge testing system, implemented in test form.

Kernel functionality:

  • Providing access to educational materials, systematized in subjects and in accordance with the National Curriculum;
  • The ability to bookmark and to comment whole sections of the materials and the individual units;
  • Different types of tests: on selected topics, on complex materials, practice tests and test cases;
  • Different types of tasks: open test, an indoor test, insert missing letters, insert punctuation marks, error correction, mapping concepts, grouping concepts on the grounds, placement of accents;
  • The passage of time tests;
  • Random test generation based on subject matter, type and complexity of tasks;
  • Automatic adaptation of tests to students skills: registration of passed tasks and similar tasks, selection of the tasks for training the most difficult subjects for the student;
  • Output test results in readable form;
  • Storage of the results of tests passed and statistics on them with the possibility of repassing;
  • Elements of social networking - the ability to add comments to the training materials and the responses to comments;
  • Downloading study materials from publishing program Adobe InDesign;
  • Load test tasks in XML format;
  • Integration with payment service for getting paid services.

Feature of the project is to implement the download of training materials and tests provided by the publisher. Although automatic analysis of the structure of teaching materials is realized, and there is an ability to update individual sections.

  • Project Manager working with own team of developers;
Agile Scrum
Duration & Project Scope:
More than 400 man-hours
Technologies & Environment:
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Project Code:
Educational internet-portal
Educational internet-portal