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Delphi software development

Currently very topical theme of creating applications and their implementation in every day life. For example creation of programs for introduction of payment for different services via terminals. At each office there is a PC with special applications for operation. By means of applications production of complicated high-tech techniques at enterprises, computer-integrated manufacturing is carried. Applications are used in electrotechnical devices of home use: calculators, washing machines, video cameras, cameras, etc. 

Delphi is one of the first programming languages having an easy-to-use environment for rapid application development (Rapid Application Development) breaking the barriers between languages of the high level, and the languages at a low level talking to system in the language of bits and bytes. The language realized in Delphi is a modern option of the well-known Object Pascal.

Delphi — imperative, structured, an object-oriented programming language with strict static typification of variables. The main field of use — writing application-oriented programs. Delphi is delivered in different configurations which are set up on needs of different enterprises.

Delphi is a combination of several key technologies:
  • The high-performance compiler to machine code;
  • Object-oriented model of components;
  • Visual (and, therefore, and high-speed) application development from the software  prototypes;
  • Scalable tools for creation of databases.
Today, along with support of development of 32 and 64-bit for Windows-based programs, it is possible to create applications for Apple Mac OS X (since Embarcadero Delphi XE2), iOS (including the simulator, since XE4 by means of native compiler), and also, in Delphi XE5, for Google Android (directly executed on the ARM processor).

Independent, third-party implementation of a development environment the Lazarus project (Free Pascal, compilation in the mode of compatibility with Delphi) allows to use it for the application creation on Delphi for such platforms as Linux, Mac OS X and the Windows CE.


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