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Softacom CMS is a modern site management system that allows to manage web-site content (text, images), create new pages, receive messages from the site, manage banners, conduct polls, catalog of goods and much more.

Softacom CMS is built on a modular basis and consists of a common shell and plug-ins.

The shell is the central software part of the CMS, the basic functions in which are implemented and can not be changed. The basic functions include: editing the structure of the site, managing users and roles, layouts for pages and blocks, adding blocks to pages.

Softacom CMS demo-site

Подключаемые модули – модули, которые реализуют определенные функциональные возможности, например: форма обратной связи, опросы, гостевая книга и т.д.

Structure of CMS

This principle of organizing the structure allows to build and scale sites built on the basis of Softacom CMS.

In addition, Softacom provides a software API that describes the process of developing and implementing new modules in CMS - you can independently develop new modules for Softacom CMS! It will protect site owners from the risk that nobody will be able to support and modernize it except the developer.


Shell features:

  • site structure management;
  • user management;
  • differentiation of user access based on roles;
  • differentiation of access to the pages of the site;
  • managing page content (adding modules to the page by the administrator);
  • the ability to store images on disk and in the database;
  • cache management;
  • CMS work log;
  • layout designs for pages;
  • design layouts for blocks;
  • information caching;

Existing plug-ins:

  • text editor;
  • polls;
  • site map;
  • feedback form;
  • catalog;
  • blogs, search on blogs;
  • tag cloud; search by tag;
  • to-do list;
  • the calendar;
  • user registration;
  • personal messages (internal mail);
  • chat;
  • question-answer (FAQ);
  • rotator of pictures;
  • informers of exchange rates;
  • news (up to 6 tapes), RSS feed of news, news export to Yandex.News;
  • site search;
  • mailing;
  • banner network;
  • currency;
  • countries;
  • cities;
  • backup of database and data files;
  • Google search;
Why do we use CMS of our own development, but not ready solution:

A ready solution is first and foremost a standard solution. A ready-made solution can limit you when implementing any desired functionality. In addition, it is impossible to implement complex portal development on a ready solution without cooperation with developers of the ready CMS, which can sometimes be simply impossible.

  • simplicity in work;
  • ease of installation;
  • scalability;
  • the possibility of developing new modules without Softacom;
  • high security with .NET technology;

Softacom CMSis distributed free of charge if you order the development of new or upgrading of existing functional modules. In this case, you pay only the cost of development and, if necessary, CMS settings.

For web designers and web studios, we can offer a special OEM version.

If you are interested in Softacom CMS – use the feedback form or other contact information to contact us.

Technologies & Environment:
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Blocks management on the page:

Blocks management on the page

Administrator сontrol panel (hidden):

Administrator сontrol panel (hidden)

Administrator control panel (open):

Administrator control panel (open)

Text editor:

Text editor

Site structure management:

Site structure management