Project No. 1: The free AIML interpreter for Firemonkey

AIML – a markup language of artificial intelligence also represents XML representation of the chat dialog tree that works in stand-alone mode. The chatbot has added support for voice input. It only the prototype giving ample opportunities for creation of difficult intellectual systems and integration with any services through API and the Internet. More detailed description of a chatbot.

Project No. 2:Chatbot for shop of joint purchases in Telegram.

The main objective of the project – answers to frequent questions on existence of goods, terms, payments, where and how to buy, about receipts, etc.

Possibilities of a chatbot:

  • Answers to questions are carried out from the internal knowledge base of the customer;
  • Realization of the designer of teams. The administrator in addition can form team and the answer for this team;
  • Possibility of a subscription to mailing;
  • Creation of orders by the buyer;
  • Realization of the graphic interface by means of buttons;

Chatbot allowed the customer to optimize time of answers to frequently asked questions.

Project No. 3: Chatbot on technical support.

The main objective of a chatbot – to receive information on the client and to integrate it into a database.

Chatbot it was integrated with the dialogflow service with all given opportunities. Chatbot can carry out an automatic call to the client through the twillo service after obtaining necessary information from the client. After connection chatbot will redirect a call on the operator. Possibility of the response to the provided inquiries of the client is also realized.

  • .NET developers;
Technologies & Environment:
Logo ASP.NET MVC Logo Web Api Logo FireMonkey Logo Delphi Logo Dialogflow
Project Code: