International internet portal for rental


Development of international internet portal for rental business. The project is a social network, which allows any registered user to place offers of rental of anything (items, goods, services).

Functional capabilities of the project:

  • Registration of users personal account ,managing personal profile;
  • Adding and editing proposals for lease and rental;
  • Administrative part: categories of offers, user administration, etc.;
  • Moderation of information;
  • Packages of services to promote individual proposals, billing services;
  • Cross-domain authentication;
  • Separation of the project countries, regions and cities to filter offers;
  • Geo-targeting of users and services;
  • Internal advertising system which displays banners;
  • Requests for the required goods and services that are not listed;
  • Feature articles;
  • SEO- optimization;
  • "Smart" search of products and offers;
  • Senior Developer;
Technologies & Environment:
Microsoft .NET Framework logo AJAX logo JS logo JIRA logo Logo of web-server Microsoft IIS SQL Server logo
Project Code:
International internet portal for rental
International internet portal for rental