GIS software (GPS)


Development of hardware-software solution for transport vehicle location monitoring on GPS navigation technology basis.

The complex consists of following modules:

  • Server for reception and processing of information;
  • Operator position;
  • Report module;
  • Settings of the system;
  • GPS-tracker programmer;
  • Map-binding module;

A purpose of the software is to control location of a vehicle (a car, a truck, etc.), to control history of its travelling in order to eliminate misuse of a service vehicle.

Functional capabilities of the complex:

  • Data collection from GPS-trackers, which are set in transport vehicles, through GPRS channel;
  • Displaying of history of car travelling or its location on a real-time basis;
  • Control of car motion parameters: speed, movement direction, engine performance, etc.
  • Provides analytical information about using cars, reports about cars travelling;
  • Binding of customer maps for further using in the system;
  • Senior .NET Developer;
  • Project Manager
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